Fight Against Revisionism,the Main Danger


Editorials Fight Against Revisionism, the Main Dangerwhen the CPI(M) and CPI are going to hold their 19th and 20th Congresses respectively in a couple of months, once again these revisionists turned into social democrats, with the assistance of monopoly media, are engaged in  distorting and vulgarizing revolutionary Marxism to peddle their opportunist political lines. Similar to their promoting the virtues of Soviet revisionism for almost four decades till Soviet Union disintegrated, they are now indulging in marketing present counter-revolutionary leadership in China in order to confuse and divert the masses from the path of revolutionary practice. Working within the ruling system, sharing power in two or three states, implementing ruling class policies, and propping up reactionary UPA government are repeated as the maximum that can be done in present situation. Even Singur and Nandigram are justified as glorious deeds. These renegades are proving what Lenin repeatedly emphasised: revisionism is the main danger within the international communist movement.The experience of more than one and a half century of ICM prove that this danger along with the ‘left’ deviation, which are nothing but two sides of the same coin, repeatedly surface threatening to wipe out revolutionary Marxism. Kautskys, Krushchovs, Dengs are not isolated phenomena. They continue to come up challenging and revising cardinal principles of Marxism-Leninism and usurping leadership. That is why Lenin, Stalin and Mao repeatedly taught that the communists should always remain vigilant against the emergence of the main danger, revisionism and its twin, the ‘left’ deviation. Uncompromising struggle should be waged against them, to expose and exterminate them.In this issue of Red Star we are publishing two articles focussing on the social democratic line of the CPI(M) and some extracts from Marxist classics to expose the real character of those who indulge in capital and market worshipping, alongwith an article ‘official Marxism in China today’, in continuation of our persistent struggle against all alien trends. 

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