After ‘Confidence Vote’, What Next?

After ‘Confidence Vote’, What Next?

the drama that was staged from July 7 when the Left Front declared its intention to withdraw support to the UPA government culminating with the July 22 ‘confidence vote’ after three Members of Parliament of BJP displayed bundles of Rs. 1000 notes amounting one crores given for purchasing them, as they claimed, sordid stories of horse trading, corporate bosses directly intervening with money power and utilisation of naked muscle power by the state machinery has exposed the real ugly character of the bourgeois parliamentary system. It becomes so filthy when the series of expulsions by different parties show that without these criminal moves, the government would have lost by a similar margin with which it has won now. As a result, all credibility of Manmohan raj as well as the parliament are fully exposed.
In this stinking game it is the people and the country who have lost heavily. Manmohan Singh has obtained a parliamentary seal, however fake it may be, for operationalising the anti-national Nuke Deal which enormously benefit US and nuclear power countries technically, financially, politically and militarily, plunging the country to strategic subservience to US imperialism. Besides, it will be followed by fast-track economic reforms in the coming months benefitting enormously the imperialist agencies, MNCs and corporate houses. Anti-working class, anti-people insurance bill, pension bill, etc. will be speeded up immensely pleasing the monopolies. UPA government ‘strengthened’ by inclusion of SP, JMM like ministers shall make all out efforts to complete the neo-liberal agenda before the April-May 2009 elections, devastating the people and hiking the prices further. So it is the country and the people who have lost terribly.
Among the parties who played the farce on both sides, there are hardly any losers. Congress and its friends are extremely pleased to carry forward the policies of treason through which the corporate houses supporting them and the US imperialists they serve will be greatly benefitted, in the course of which they themselves will be enriched. BJP and its allies are very much for the neo-liberal raj and Nuke Deal. Their only concern is that they should be implemented under them. Their lack of serious-ness in the opposition to Nuke Deal got exposed in the considerable number of their and their allies MPs cross-voting. They are only unhappy for the postponement of the election to April-May 2009.
Mayawati is immensely happy as the turn of events catapulted her to national scene as a prime ministerial candidate. The possibilities for new permutations and combinations have pleased AIADMK, TDP like plethora of parties who are neither against imperialist globalisation, not Nuke Deal, nor communalism. Their principal or only concern is how to get maximum seats in next elections by joining any band wagon opportunistically.
What about CPI(M) and its LF? Were they seriously opposed to the Nuke Deal? If so they would have withdrawn support to UPA government immediately after Bush-Manmohan talks in July 2005. Or, they would not have allowed the government to got to IAEA last year and went on with nine rounds of meaningless talks in the UPA-LF coordination committee, when the Congress managers were frantically searching for possible new allies to replace the LF support. Is it not a fact that only when LF came to know about SP rallying to the support of UPA and based on this support the government was going to present the draft to the IAEA, it decided to withdraw support, and cried hoarse about ‘betrayal’?
In the coming days worst is going to happen to the toiling masses in the country. Inflation is going to reach 17% by September, according to even government’s economic experts, while already for weeks people are reeling under double digit price rise. Meanwhile, central and state governments are going ahead with mortgaging the country through a number of SEZs, CMZs, corporate farming, export of rich raw materials, etc. Commercialisation of education and health-care is rampantly going ahead. Like industrial and service sectors, under the banner of second green revolution, agricultural sector is also integrated to imperialist global system. Even retail trade is put under the mercy of monopolies. While the Manmohan government will further speed up the mortgaging of the country, whichever government may replace it, is not going to be basically different. Those who voted against the Nuke Deal will be eagerly implementing it. It is going to be the great challenge before the people and the country.

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